Aspleniaceae - Asplenium resiliens - Asplenium parvulum
From: The native flowers and ferns of the United States in their botanical, horticultural, and popular aspects by Thomas Meehan.
Boston, L. Prang, 1879, volume 2, plate 17. Chromolithograph by Louis Prang after Alois Lunzer (sheet 174 x 254 mm). Foxing. Text enclosed.
Ä 25
Thomas Meehan (1826-1901), a British-born nurseryman, was Kew gardener in 1846-1848; from 1853 at Germantown (Philadelphia). He was the editor of the Gardenerís monthly and the founder of Meehanís monthly, a magazine of horticulture, botany, etc. The nice chromolithographed plates after paintings by Alois Lunzer and lithographed by Louis Prang, who published many books on natural history.