Dryopteridaceae - Dryopteris filix-mas - Polystichum filix-mas
From: Darstellung und Beschreibung sämtlicher in der Pharmacopoea Borusica aufgeführten offizinellen Gewächse by Otto Carl Berg & Carl Friedrich Schmidt.
Leipzig, Arthur Felix, [1858-1863], 1. edition, volume 4, plate 32e-f. Hand-coloured lithograph and plain lithograph (2 sheets 215 x 278 mm). Text enclosed.
€ 65
Berg was professor of pharmaceutical botany at Berlin University. Schmidt both drew and lithographed the plates. He was a prolific artist who illustrated many of the German botanical works of the 19th century. Jackson describes this work, a survey of plants used in the Prussian pharmacopoeia, as A thoroughly good book, probably the very best of its class; both in text and illustrations.
* Pritzel 646; Jackson p. 203*; Nissen BBI 139; Stafleu & Cowan 10.873.